Saturday, June 12, 2010

Saturday Ramblings

Things are still frantic at work. I probably don't need to update you about work until the end of July when my boss comes back and I can breathe a sigh of relief. The past few nights I haven't been able to fall asleep as my mind won't shut off and I lie in bed trying to arrange my to-do lists: to-do today, to-do tomorrow, to-do this week, to-do next week, to-do anytime, to-do all the time, to-do in the next twenty minutes, to-do for my pt hr person, to-do for my boss, to-do personal (which is an ever growing list with nothing getting checked off) and my favorite list:

So I lie there, trying to organize these in my head, growing increasingly more stressed that I did something wrong, or forgot something, or will forget something. My heart races and then I sit up, see those stupid little silver sparkles you see when you are light headed (oh did I mention I haven't eaten real food in since I don't know when (does beer an potato chips count for dinner?)), and frantically fumble for a pen and paper to start writing myself notes. I now have a million piece of paper, a laundry pile that is growing to the point that it might eat me, an empty fridge (I have one beer), and a social life that doesn't exist.

Anyways. I also have started a closet in my office. If only I had a nap mat I could just move into my office. Go home to shower. Save 35 minutes in walking commuting time everyday. Awesome.

Yes, at one point I had two entire work outfits and TWELVE pairs of shoes stashed in my office. I would open a drawer and be like  "oh look my white sandals...I've been looking for those". gah.

To cheer myself up on this 91 degree sunny Saturday (and remind me that I do know how to have fun) I was rummaging around through some photos I have snapped with my BB and I found this gem:

Erin and I had an epic night of buck hunting, and I have to say this had to have been my best night by far. Erin's mom and brother are going to be coming to visit her in DC for a football game this fall (BSU you suck!) and we have full intentions of taking her darling little mother out to shoot buck. Oddly I feel like just being from Idaho gives you some sort of instinctual advantage. The next time I am home I vow to take my dad to Cabella's (Dad if your reading this--get prepared) to play BBHP. Some great father daughter bonding time.

Speaking of home...if anyone sees a decently priced round trip ticket to Boise Idaho (or even Salt Lake City) for something in August, let me know...I need to get out there to celebrate a belated birthday with Wyatt.

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