Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Birthday Boy!!

Dear Wyatt,

A year ago today I got a text from my sister (your mom):

"Baby coming today...keep you posted".

I was at work and I immediately rushed into my bosses office to tell her the great news. The countdown to aunthood was on the horizon. I tried to work, but I just remember being so restless, clutching my phone just waiting for the text to tell me that I had a healthy baby to call my niece/nephew (Wyatt I knew you were a boy! I could feel it!). It seemed like HOURS as I sat and waited. and waited. and waited.

And then...

my phone lit up. I could hardly control my hands enough to open the text message.

"Baby's here"

Details please?!?!

At last my parents (grandma and grandpa) called to tell me that my nephew had been born and both mom and baby were doing well. Naturally being me...I cried. I cried a lot.

I had no idea how powerful the emotion of knowing that your family just changed in a way that can't be put into words is.  I thought it about for months while you, the little peanut brewed up in Nicole.

How was our family going to change???

A year later I can tell you Wyatt (took awhile to get a name, but it is absolutely perfect), that you are the apple of my eye.

 Love takes on a new meaning at certain points in your life and meeting you when I made it to Idaho in July was one of those moments when I knew I would never view love the same.

When I got to see you for the first time I drove from my parents house to your house, and the whole drive all I could think about how crazy it was that I was going to get to see this little person, who I had yet to meet, grow up. I am going to get to see Birthdays, Christmases, Graduations, picking colleges, prom photos, first day of skiing pictures, trophies, bumps, bruises and everything that goes in between. It was an overwhelming feeling!

I pulled up to my sister's house, knocked on the door, walked into the house and quickly found my arms full of your noodly little body. Bam! It hit me. Love.

I can't get enough of you! I can't believe you are a year old!



Aunt Andrea

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  1. That is one of my all-time favorite pictures. The two of you are totally into each other, completely bonding, and it was just so special. Loves!