Saturday, May 7, 2011

Running Progress

Today was the first day I finally felt like I made some progress with my new running regime. It wasn't anything to brag or write home about I am sure from a true runners perspective but it was the longest stretch I have run without stopping to walk which felt great! I am hoping this is the start of a break through where I can really start to increase my time and distance.

I will say on the discouraging side. I have not lost a single pound! Not one! Which seems almost impossible since all my clothes have started to look better and fit a little loser, but really not a single pound! What gives!!?!? I know you are not supposed to depend on the scale but it is hard to ignore it and keep a positive attitude about all my focus on getting fit. Between Jazzercise, running and counting calories you would think some pounds should be coming off right?

As of yesterday there were 25 days until my 25th birthday, (eep! I'm old). But I am going to take these next 24 days to really push myself so I can celebrate my quarter of a century feeling really great about my body and self.

Well off to the park to do some GMAT studying in the perfect spring weather!

Happy Saturday!

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