Saturday, January 16, 2010


I am always looking for new blogs to read. I great blog that I just yearn for postings from just makes my day.

Blogging is so personal and I love reading about other people's lives. Some of my favorite things about reading blogs are:

1) Getting new ideas and inspiration for cooking, decorating, clothes, gifts, crafts, my own blog postings, etc.

2) I love reading about people's families and what they are doing with them. I love hearing about people's family tradition, especially since the older I am getting the more I realize that you can't recreate the way you were raised and spent holidays and such, you do get the opportunity to invent your own traditions and special moments that you get to carry forward. I love "borrowing" people's traditions and incorporating them into my life.

3) I have always wanted to have a creative naming device for the people I talk about in my blog: Like using the letter of their first name to identify them ( C=Carly, W= Wyatt, etc) or using inside nicknames (Cliclean:Carly, Riot: Wyatt, CBear: Nicole) but I love seeing how other people talk about the people in their lives.

My latest blog fixation: Inchmark

You will love it! I can't stop reading it! Her kids are cute, everything in her life is cute and preppy and darling. She is so creative it makes me wish I never needed sleep so I could be as creative with every aspect of life as she is. Anyways, let me know if you have any blogs you think I should read. I am in particular need of some off-the-beaten-path-where-to-eat-and-do-cool-things-in-DC blogs.

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  1. Inspiration is my #1 favorite thing about reading blogs!

    Your #2 reminds me of in Garden State when Braff talks about missing the idea of "home" and how as an adult you have to "create a new idea of home for yourself" - cheesy, I know, but true!