Sunday, January 31, 2010

Monday? Again? Didn't we do this last week?

I am writing this this in anticipation of tomorrow. It is our annual staff retreat, which last year was this new exciting first-time-work-experience thing, this year I am really just kind of not excited about the day. I definitely didn't get enough weekend this time around. I am feeling just tired in general these last few days (ok maybe most of this last week). Must be that high-strung stress level creeping up on me.

I did a lot of work for the speaker that is presenting tomorrow and I am nervous that I feel that people are going to bitch and complain about it to no end. I put a lot of effort into organizing, researching and working with our presenter and I just hope people don't talk about what a waste of time it was, or that it wasn't relevant. So please keep your fingers crossed for me. I am really trying to step outside my role at work and make some sort of contributions that people notice and are different from my day-to-day maintenance.

I am excited that a large group of people from the office are going to go get dinner at Founding Farmers (one of my top places to eat) after the day. Hopefully I won't be in an awful mood and I can in a way celebrate the organizing of my first big training session.

A couple points to ponder:

1) This little thing I have in my room. I had originally used these canisters in my old kitchen to hold flour, sugar, and powdered sugar and I would love to use these again when I have a bigger kitchen that is all mine in the future, but for now they hold candles and this bundle of wheat that I had originally purchased as decor for my Thanksgiving Feast that ultimately didn't happen as planned thanks to the roaches. Anyways, the bunch has always looked awkward to me, it needs some help. Any ideas?

2) I am dried out like no other from this winter weather. I lather lotion and lipbalm on and to no avail. Anyone have any magic winterization tips to keep me from getting all sand-papery
3) I need people's favorite quotes about love/friendship/romance etc. for a project I am working on. Post 'em! It would be greatly appreciated!!
4) SM I am so proud of you tonight, AND I can only hope that I will muster as much courage as you!!
Well an early morning for me and I am exhausted! Wish me luck tomorrow people!!


  1. Ditto on Monday - last week/end was exhausting (as you could tell by my barage of texts to you Fri).

    Good luck with your retreat - I hope people appreciate all the work you put into it~!

    Not enough Avon skin therapy in the world right now...

    I would fill your jars with like-colored objects, so they look like they go together:

    Perhaps, with crafts!?

  2. You can find my quotes if you scroll to the very bottom of my blog... there are too many to copy and paste into here...

    Also, there's this thing called a "lotion pack" here in japanland. What you do is cut tissue into strips and then soak them in moisturizing toner. Sooo NOT the clinique kind. Or.. some lotion that is a bit on the runny side. you then put them on your face for about 10-15minutes. don't let them dry because they will pull moisture from your face as the water from the tissue vaporizes if you let the tissue dry. give it a try.. i'm battling something similar myself!