Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Back in the 20009

Well we're back in the District. I have only cried twice today...probably a vast improvement over last Christmas when I returned, but I still feel a tad low. Flights were okay for the most part, if anything they seemed really fast which is strange. I put my new sheets on my bed (top cover and all!) and put away my suitcases, and yet I feel strangely lost. Hopefully work will distract me tomorrow. Ugh and can we all say that medical bills blow, and some medical offices really need to get their act together. Awesome welcome home mail.

Anyways, to hopefully get rid of the bad feelings and thoughts I am having, lets re-cap some awesome events during my trip home.

The big news is is lovely, beautiful, and amazing sister is tying the knot! Her boyfriend proposed on Christmas eve and they told us Christmas morning!! I am so excited for her and Jon!

For New Years Eve I decided instead of just hanging out and baking or something equally boring I made a impromptu trip to Sun Valley to be with Nicole and Wyatt. Wyatt was so smart, and he woke up at 11:45 pm to watch the ball drop in times square with Nicole and me! The next day we had a sorts of fun together and then Nicole and I went out to have a few drinks that night. We took Wyatt sledding...he was a riot!

I had such a great time getting to see Nicole, Jon and Wyatt again!! Well wish me luck tomorrow and lets all pray this "mood" I am in will disappear quickly!

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