Sunday, January 10, 2010

2009- Recap

The best part about this month was Alli's mom flying me to Seattle to see her for New Years and go to Portland to go bridesmaid dress shopping. It was so special to get to surprise some of my friends and spend that time with Alli since I hadn't see her since Stephanie's wedding!

Obama's inauguration has to be mentioned as a major highlight and also something I will remember for the rest of my life.

I also took a trip to San Fran in Feb. not for the best of reasons but I got to spend some time with my sister and my mom and her sister, Aunt Jackie. It was really neat to get to see the De Young and some beautiful art!

The very end of February Stephanie came to visit me and I had such a great weekend showing her DC and introducing her to my new friends!


My mom and her long time friend Victoria came out to visit me and Victoria's son Ben. We had a wonderful time doing all the DC tourist things. AND Ben arranged for us to take a tour of the capitol dome. It was by far one of the coolest things I have done in DC to date!


My boss, Jessica, gave birth to her beautiful baby girl, Adrienne which meant I started working fulltime while she was on maternity leave. This was all kicked off by Jason's rooftop Opening Day party for the Nats!


Always a favorite month for me! Birthday month! This year I celebrated in Jacksonville FL with Kendal and Stephanie. This was such a great trip! Beaches, Disneyland, Branding marks, beers with straws, Budweiser factory tour, and of course getting to be with two of my most favorite people!

Epic month. I became an AUNT!! Wyatt is such a blessing and I am so happy for my sister and Jon, they are such a beautiful family and Wyatt brings so many laughs and warm fuzzies to all of our lives!

I took a trip to Idaho so I could finally get to meet Wyatt. I have never been so in love with anything or anyone in my life!


Alli became a Mrs.! I was so honored to be a part of her wedding and share such a special memory with her and Sean. They are such a great couple and I know that this was the start of a long and wonderful marriage!


Big changes this month, the end of my college romance came to an end and I put on some major big girl pants finding a new apartment, moving and getting settled into real DC living. In the end it all came down to being "In it to win it" and I think I made so really good choices for the next chapter of my life.

Earlier in the month I also got the chance to go down to Chapel Hill and see one my littles, Mallory and spend a weekend stalking PNMs!

I also celebrating getting hired as a full-time HR Coordinator at my work! That was one of the biggest accomplishments of the year by far! I am still so happy with my job and my boss, I honestly could not have ended up working for a better company!

I got a blackberry. Haha. Ok not a highlight, but a big girl moment! I think Halloween this year was actually a lot of fun! I went as a "Hot Idaho Potato" and Erin through an awesome party where her and Paul rocked some amazing "where in the world is Carmen San Diego" costumes.

Earlier in the month I also got to sneak up to MD to see Kendal when she was visiting family and spent a great day shopping, gossiping and catching up!


Lindsey and Dan (now engaged!! Congrats guys!) came to visit me. I had a great time getting to know Dan and spend some time with Lindsey who I had not seen in over 3 years!

I also cooked my very own Thanksgiving dinner. Battled some cockroaches and got to take care of Puck the Husky!

Three glorious weeks in Idaho. I did a little skiing, saw a lot of friends, bonded with the family, spent not nearly enough time with Wyatt and celebrated my sister getting engaged!!! What a finish to 2009!


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