Sunday, January 24, 2010

Dear Seattle,

Ok ok ok...I will ask for forgiveness right upfront, since this is an uber melancholy post. I called Clickclean tonight to whimper about life for a few minutes (basically so she could tell me to stop whining and put together the rest of my valentines themed chandelier). But I find that all my girls in Seattle are going out to dinner tonight at Ivars, and I have to say my heart broke just a little. It is like that awful scene in Sex and the City when Carrie is in Paris and she sees the four girls eating in a cafe and gets all weepy. Yea...that's kind of how I felt. While I had such a great weekend! (Thanks Erin, Brooke, Ben and anyone else I got to spend time with) I just miss being with my friends in Seattle. (PS- Girls I hope you had a fabulous time getting to see each other!). So yes I am being very over dramatic and sappy tonight-- (I also have an awful headache that is making me cranky). But here is a love letter to Seattle...

Dear Seattle,

I miss you. I miss even when you would mist all over my hair and make it look like crap even after I woke up early to make it look nice. Rain just doesn't seem as daunting when I am with you. I remember driving to Alki to watch the sunset and eating green enchiladas with mango margaritas. Every once in awhile you would astound me with your beauty: a glimpse of Mt. Rainer, the Olympic mountains in the distance, Lake Washington clear as glass, or fireworks lighting up the Space Needle. There was nothing better than having a cup of Starbucks and watching the dogs walk around Greenlake. You made me so happy.

I can't ignore that we had a rocky start. In fact I would go as far as to say, I never thought I would like you. You were not Boise. You were big, loud, and forced me to deal with I-5. But gradually we opened up, got to know each other and then shared some pretty amazing years.

It feels strange to know I have been without you for almost two years. But I guess that is all part of growing up. Leaving and going into the world to find yourself. And sometimes that requires leaving behind the ones you love.

DC is treating me well these days. We too had a rocky start, but are headed in a good direction. But please don't worry, it will never be you. I am starting to see the other sides of DC, and I know we have a lot to learn about each other.

I guess I just had to tell you that I miss you and that I think about you often.


I hope you miss me too.

I am going to write another post...a chipper one to make up for this nauseating vomit-inducing post. And yes I am still asking for forgiveness, since I really sincerly try to not use this as a forum to "whoa is me" it up. Sorry.


  1. haha well, at least you admit it and sometimes you have to get ish out to feel better.
    I'm def with you on missing Seattle and the people who live there. I miss that it loves my skin. Tokyo hates it and wants it to die. It covers it with a permanent layer of moisture in the summer and sucks it dry in the winter.
    good to hear that you and DC are getting along. I really want to go visit you!!!

  2. omg that sceene in SATC is SO SAD! I hate feeling left out. Of course ditto to everything you said in your post. Seattle is a tough city to get over, there's just something about home.

    Energy focus on olympic ceremonies: go!