Monday, January 11, 2010


New Years...objectives. Resolutions overused. Of course we still have the 24 before 24 but sadly that is on the computer that doesn't turn on...hopefully we can retrieve that soon! But here they are:

1) More directed and focused effort regarding my job

2) Eat healthier and more physical activity--lost the post-college weight and use that gym membership!

3) Eat out less. Plan more meals, cook more often, and stop using dining out for social reasons...get more creative!

4) Go to church at least once a month. Its early yes but can I do it...yes.

5) Start/join a book club

6) Be more serious. The humor as a crutch thing getting old. I think anyways. Thoughts on this one?

7) Research grad school options. At least have a better idea of what I want to go back to school for.

Here is to a fabulous new year!


  1. my thoughts on no. humor is not a crutch. it's awesome. serious is boring. haha!

  2. #6...I'd say "take things more seriously" instead of "be more serious." You are too fun/funny to "be serious" but if you take things seriously while having fun, perfect balance. But maybe that's what you meant...