Sunday, January 31, 2010

Friday Night

Friday night was a lot of fun. It started out with Erin and I having some of these:

and these:

at Lauriol Plaza. And trust me when I say I should have stopped after the margaritas. But no, "IamanadultandIdowhatIwant" won in that situation.

After LP we walked a lengthy 7-8 blocks to go to Sully's on U Street so we could shoot some buck. Erin has been practicing (and not telling me) and seriously kicked my butt multiple times. AND we discovered the intensity of playing head-to-head. We made some BBHP friends and watched their wives/girlfriends glare as their boyfriends/husbands chatted it up with us. After a beer to many and the addition of my friend Alex who just moved her from Seattle (We were in b-school together and I am slowly bringing people here 1-by-1 Hurrah!) we headed home.

It was an evening with a mission and was very successfully accomplished.


  1. MARGARITAS!! we're going there when i am in town. whenever that will be...

  2. I have not been practicing. My theory is that alcohol makes me shoot straight. I will not be testing this theory with real guns any time soon.

    My other theory is that I am awesome.