Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Being an Adult: Whatever that Means

I remember when I was younger (lots younger) and thinking that twenty-five was old. Like really old. I also had images that twenty-five meant you had your shit together. You were supposed to know stuff- like real stuff when you are twenty-five. Well here I am at the ripe age of twenty-five and while I will admit I have a long and undoubtedly very interesting and blessed life ahead of myself I can't help but think about the things I thought I was supposed to know how to do or understand at this point and realize that I may actually be farther away from figuring these things out than when I was eight. Here are some things I thought any twenty-five year old would have under control:

  1. What you are doing with your life.
  2. A job you love and are really good at.
  3. The idea of what "comes next".
  4. What you want out of everything. Everything.
  5. A group of friends that provide endless entertainment.
  6. A flawless relationship.
  7. Love.
  8. Classy bedding. Adults sleep in nice bedding. And their beds are always made. Perhaps even when they are in them.
  9. A stocked fridge and pantry. And the culinary skills to just whip something up when they get home.
  10. Lots of heels that you wear all the time.
  11. A place for everything
  12. A house with enough bedrooms for all those little tiny humans you plan on birthing any minute.
  13. People who report to you. Kids, employees, husband, etc.
  14. Eating breakfast. That you made. With your significant other. Reading the paper.
  15. Adult clothes.
  16. You magically exceed being five feet tall.
  17. No crying. Except when you are really sad. Your a strong woman that people respect.
  18. Coming home to your very own dog.
  19. Credit cards.
  20. A nice shiny new car.
  21. Vacations with family, friends and significant others.
  22. Christmas trees. You start having your very own real one.
  23. Season tickets to the ballet or philharmonic.
  24. Brunch. Every weekend.
  25. Lots of skiing. Every weekend (after brunch naturally)
I will leave it at twenty-five. But the point I am getting here is that life is anything but what it seems. I have a hard time not beating myself up for not even coming close to being the "twenty-five year old" I am supposed to have turned into. While some of my ideas of what being an adult ended up being plain wrong- some of them are still things I hope I grow up into.

Right now I am a perfectly underdeveloped twenty-five year old who buys too many sponges:

Can't make her bed in the frenzy of the morning routine (and sleeps with bears):

And who survives on cereal, coffee and wine (when things get really rough):


  1. Season Tickets is a big one for me, that is the ultimate "I'm an adult" thing. Also owning a house, and purchasing real The ultimate!! You'll get there Friend! I say we are all as grown up as we need to be right now :)

  2. I stumbled upon your blog several months ago and have enjoyed reading about your exploits and your life as a transplanted Washingtonian.

    In terms of accumulating things I think 25 is the new 19 - It is really tough for folks just starting out to follow the same path as their parents.

    When I was 25 I had all of the big things on your list (spouse, house, new cars, etc). Wages and real estate prices made such things possible for a 25 year old - today, not so much. My kids, who are around your age are working hard (like you) and seem to have the same struggles getting to a comfortable "adult" place.

    You have a wonderful upbeat outlook on life and I'm sure you will get everything you want - you just might have to adjust your timeline a little bit.

  3. Well to me, it sounds like you're doing pretty well! Isn't it crazy how different life is from what you predicted it would be to when you actually get there?
    When I was in my young teens, I always thought I'd start having kids at 26 because I wanted to be a "young mom" but now I'm like HELL NO! Way too soon haha

  4. First, I like your sponges. They crack me up. Two, I re-did your list.
    1- What you are doing immediately after work.
    2- A job that forces you to grow, mostly from negative reinforcement.
    3- The idea that what "comes next" after dinner is dessert or a cheese plate.
    4- What you want out of life; I think that deep down we all know this.
    5- A group of friends who are always there for you
    6- A flawlessly messed up relationship with yourself.
    7- Love.
    8- Classy bedding. Adults sleep in nice bedding. Your bedding is fabulous.
    9- A stocked fridge and pantry with wine. And the culinary skills to just whip something up that goes with wine when they get home.
    10- Lots of heels that you wear all the time when doing activities that are primarily sitting
    11- A place for everything, more widely known as your floor/couch.
    12- A house with enough bedrooms for all those dust bunnies because you're too busy skiing.
    13- Eating breakfast... at noon... in your office.
    14- slightly more practical clothes.
    15- You magically exceed being five feet tall. THIS WILL NEVER HAPPEN FOR US
    16- crying. You're a strong woman that people respect, who knows that crying just happens.
    17- Coming home to your very own dog... or 10 cats
    18- Credit cards. I have plenty of these...
    19- A nice shiny new car. That you feel good about until the next model comes out.. or it rains.
    20- Vacations with family, friends and significant others.
    21- Christmas trees. Even the ones that are 1' and have 2 ornaments.
    22- Season tickets to prime seating on your couch to watch college football.
    23- Brunch. Also known as what you call breakfast when you sleep in until 1pm
    24- Lots of dreaming of skiing. Every weekend (after brunch naturally <- isn't that too late to start skiing?)

    Not too shabby, don't you think? HUGS!