Friday, September 16, 2011

This is the Kind of Week it Has Been...

Yes I am so out of it this Friday that I put not one, but two heat sleeves on my cup of coffee this morning. I am really in need of this weekend!

And yes that is my Miss Potato head that sits in my window to keep me grounded and remind me where I came from. I-da-ho represent!

I have been going going going going at work for weeks now. I am recruiting for about 15 positions, and still trying to work on this big project that seems to be going no where, and then also fit in all my other "duties". It has been slow and frustrating progress for sure.

Amazingly we finally have fall here in DC. Yesterday it seemed like in a matter of 2-3 hours the temperature dropped and mother nature decided that it was in fact time for it to be fall and to have some brisk weather. I love it! I walked to work this morning just to enjoy the fresh air and the fact that I didn't break a sweat after 2-3 blocks of walking. It is supposed to be like this all weekend so I can not wait to get some relaxing, blogging, reading (the book I seem to have lost), studying, shopping, and crafting in.

Happy Friday!

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