Thursday, September 1, 2011

Blogging with Bullet Points

  • Today was insane. Yesterday was busy. Tomorrow is crahzay. Friday is a little better. Tuesday and Wednesday last week don't have a single open time slot in Outlook. Pray for me and my job. I am recruiting for what is about 1/3 of our current staff level. It. Is. Insane. Not to mention---I am not a full time recruiter. I have other things going on with my job too.
  • I am super behind on life. Like real life. Like all that stuff that is supposed to happen when you are out of the office. I feel like my apartment is "not dirty" but it doesn't feel clean to me. I need to just scrub nooks and crannys and get the bag of my old dresser parts into a dumpster. Take a bag of clothes to good will. Dust. Steam mop. Organize paper. And clean my stove top-blech. But it must be done. Hopefully tomorrow. If I don't work 12 hrs.
  • The weather has been fantastic! I have my windows open. No air conditioner. Just me, sleep and a ceiling fan. It is magical.
  • It is SEPTEMBER. Wowza. Where did that come from I ask? Yesterday it was May. I swear. I just turned 25. Now I am 25 and 3 months. Not ok.
  • My hair is looonnnnggg. Like really long. Not like it was in high school (amen) but we are getting really close to those 10 inches for my next Locks of Love donation. Not only am I going to cut it this time....I think we are going to do some blonde. I am tired of the dark hair bs that occurred sometime in college. So short. Blondish. And hopefully more adult looking. Not to mention I am ready to get rid of these headaches that seem to occur daily from this mop of hair I cart around with me.
I think that is all the random thoughts from my head right now. I am pooped. Tired. Exhausted. Oh so ready for my big comfy bed!

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