Sunday, August 28, 2011

Weekend Re-Cap: Movie, Grocery, Irene, Aftermath

Friday night I went to dinner and a movie with a friend. We saw One Day which made me really want to read the book, but didn't sell me as an incredible movie. Anne Hathaway was less than desirable with the fake British accent. Granted it was a true to form chick-flick and a much welcomes escape from the real world right now.

Saturday started the anticipation of waiting for Irene to arrive. She was rumored to be a big nasty display of weather and it started raining around 11am in the morning. A steady rain with increasing rain. To avoid going stir crazy we squeezed in some lunch and frozen custard before heading home and snuggling in for the evening. The grocery store hinted at DC's normal hoarding habits when we have a natural disaster.

As usual water was a hot commodity and then toilet paper (?) seemed to be the item of choice to stock up one. Luckily I felt that I was sufficiently stocked up on my home paper products to survive the great hurricane.

Earlier this week a new pair of sweats that I had ordered came in the mail and it could not have been better timing to have a evening where I was going to live in pjs.

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I honestly may never go to work again just so I don't have to take these off. They are so luxuriously comfortable! I may buy another pair just to make sure I am never without these!

As we settled in with some heaping bowls of pasta, a Mad Men marathon and some beer I had to laugh at the weather forecast:

Loving that 100% rain for hours on end! It really did rain and rain and rain and rain and rain. I sadly was asleep and slept through what I was told was the worst of the storm so I missed all the excitement. Luckily no serious damage took place in my neighborhood. A few down branches and trees but very minor damage.

I am glad the hype is over. Hopefully this is the last of the natural disaster streak we have had! Luckily today has felt like the potential start of fall which I will welcome gladly this year!

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