Sunday, August 14, 2011

A Greener Clean and Other TV Goodness

I should probaly never have gotten cable. It was a luxury that due to a year end special I was able to afford on my budget. I love coming home from home from work, flopping on the couch and watching an episode of House Hunters, Say Yes to the Dress, The Bachelor/ette, etc. Obviously this can get very out of control if I am feeling lazy. Today was massive lazy afternoon. (I did have a productive morning prepping for some things I have upcoming this week). But then I took a quick nap and it all went downhill from there.

So in honor of my wasted hours this afternoon I figured I could turn it into some sort of productivity and write about a few things that have caught my eye on TV lately.

First off. I always thought the Beggin Strips commercials for those rediculous bacon shapped dog treats where hilarious. (The poodle loves those things). They recently came out with a new version of the Bacon! commercial and there is a poodle. Must share.

 Second, I have seen the commecial for the new Scotch-Brite Greener Clean sponges. I have started looking for them in the grocery story and Target and I have yet to seen them. I can't wait to try them out! Made with natural and recycled fibers these seem like a great thing to incorporate into my household as I seem to have a clean/new sponge fetish since I have to hand wash every single on of my dishes. Check out the products here. If anyone finds these let me know where!
Found @

Last, but certainly not least, since I could watch (and laugh) this a million times in the new Geico commerical. Hopefully this brings back some childhood memories and makes some of you laugh.

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  1. Weee weeee wa wa weeeee... Oh gosh. It kills me every time. And hallelujah to being a lazy bum because of cable. I'm thinking about cutting the cord next summer. Just for a break.