Sunday, August 21, 2011

Copy Cat

I have been getting odd cravings to immediately make recipes that I come across on TV, from blogs, in magazines, etc.. A few weeks ago it was the falafel on Food Network and then more recently it was a post on a Fly Through Our Window that had crispy peanut butter bars and chicken curry salad. Here is the post that has Darby's original recipes that spurred the food making frenzy.

Well I read. I craved. I made. Both. In one night. (I also spilled over half a glass of sweet tea on my couch and ended up sitting on my floor devouring my makings like a poor college student)

Both turned out well and I would make both again for sure. I did add grapes to my chicken curry salad (I think Darby mentions that she doesn't like them because they get mushy- but I saw them at the store and decided to include them. They seemed to hold up the next day but I can see after a few days how they could be a bit yucky). I also wish I had buckled down and gone to Whole Foods to get some quality bibb lettuce because what I got at the Safeway down the street just fell apart in my hands when I washed it. The recipe did make a lot of salad which was great because I was able to have lunch left overs AND send some home with my co-worker for her to have for dinner!

The crispy bars were good. Almost peanut butter overkill for me, but I do have to say these made an awesome on the go breakfast for the week so I could avoid the office cafe! I also could have done with a lot more shredded coconut. Yum! So delish.

Also-- read Fly Through Our Window. Darby is such an inspiration. She has a wonderful family, a adorable t-shirt business, amazing photos, great food, a twin sister with a fantastic blog and just lives and all around awesome life.

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