Friday, September 19, 2008

Georgetown/Pizzeria Paradiso

A few weeks ago (yes I am very bad at documenting in a timely fashion), Alex and I ventured over to Georgetown. There is not a metro stop in Georgetown. Alex informed me that when designing the metro the Georgetown area decided not to have a stop there because they did not want to have the "riff raff" coming in and disturbing the area. Now it seems like a really bad idea, as it is a huge shopping district as well as home to Georgetown University. Despite the lack of a metro stop, it is not terribly difficult to get there. We took the metro to Rossalyn and then took a short bus ride. The worst part of it was waiting for the bus to go back to the metro when i had developed bad blisters from walking around so much!

Some of the highlights for the day were: Old Stone House, the oldest standing structure in D.C., Georgetown University (we were wandering around during orientation and move in day), and the steps from the Exorcist.

We also ate at a pizza place, I guess it is what you could call "designer" pizza. I loved that for an appetizer they served a variety of Olives. We ordered a simple 4 cheese pizza and for starters bread with elephant garlic. The elephant garlic lived up to its name in was huge, but had little flavor and was not the typical garlic flavor you expect.

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