Saturday, September 12, 2009

Book Review: The Time Traveler's Wife

This movie was one that I saw the preview for and was really excited to go see. After talking to people who had read the book I knew that is one of those movies that wasn't go to be nearly as good as the book and I should read the book before I saw the movie. Two weekends ago I picked up a copy at B&N and headed to my favorite coffee/pastry place in Alexandria right now called Buzz and snuggled into one of their comfy couches with a chai and blazed through the first quarter of the book. Unfortunately I don't have a lot of days that I can just sit around and read, so it took me until today to finish the book.

I must say...I loved it. Any book that causes me to tear up a bit is a goodie. Will say I had some difficulty knowing when and where the time traveler was, since the book is constantly switching between real time and time travel. But the story line was excellent and the ideas behind time travel are interesting and keep it from being a full on romance novel.

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