Wednesday, July 22, 2009

I'm back

Wow so I really haven't blogged in almost a month. One quick little update, but I have seriously fallen off the blogging bandwagon. My life has gotten increasingly boring if anyone can believe that. (Well besides my new work schedule and the new love of my life Wyatt). Don't worry I will blog about my trip to Idaho and getting to meet, and fall-in-love with the man of dreams....also known as baby Wyatt.

As for work I am so blessed and very very happy to be working full-time hours. I have been helping out with payroll in addition to my HR tasks, so I have been able to come in the other two days a week that I usually have off. I wasn't sure I was going to enjoy payroll. Accounting has never really been my thing. BUT...I actually do really enjoy it. I think it is something tangible. I get to see the "fruits of my labor" every time payroll is run. I have yet to complete the process by myself yet, but hopefully I will be handholding free in a few weeks so I am actually of use to people. Right now I feel like people kind of have to babysit me, which I know is a natural part of learning anything new, but still it is hard.

So in general work is going really well. I know I am so lucky to work for a company I really like with people I really enjoy. I must say that I think I let my job stress me out sometimes, but I think I let it because I don't really have anything else going on since I still feel like I am floundering socially here.

Other than work not a lot has changed besides my lack of "martha-stewart" days. Gone are the days of cooked meals (everything is trader joes, prepared meals) and things like scrapbooking and craftiness are gone. But as much as I enjoy down time...I honestly enjoy work more.

I have been using the apartment pool quite a bit, trying to swim some laps after work which is incredibly soothing. Dusk settling in and the peace and calm of the water. As you may suspect, I sleep like a baby.

Speaking of babies...tis the season.

While I will write more later about little Wyatt. Our friends had their baby boy just a few days after Wyatt, Felix. And my boss's darling baby girl is growing so fast! She came into work today and she is so adorable!!

I also officially have my plane ticket for Alli's wedding next month. I am so excited (and honored to be a bridesmaid) to celebrate this wonderful moment with her and Sean. I am going to get to be in Seattle for 5/6 days, which sounds blissful right now. I miss my friends so much it will be so great to get to see all of them!

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