Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Marshmallows & Mice

I leave for Seattle in less three days. THREE days. I have SO much to do. Personally. Work-wise. Christmas shopping wise. It is a bit overwhelming. But we are pushing through and working as much as possible so I can disconnect as much as possible for the Seattle/Idaho extravaganza!

Well tonight as a break from work (and since I have been telling the bf I would) I made marshmallows. Let's just say I didn't exactly execute them very well. Right now I have a giant puddle of marshmallow fluff "firming" in my kitchen. Let's be clear. I don't think this firming that the recipe speaks of is going to happen. Sigh. So maybe I feed it him with spoons? Ugh. Well I tried right?

At least it looks pretty. Just sitting on my counter. All stuck to the pan and not firming.

I will do as the recipe says, and let them sit over night. And maybe, just maybe, with a bit of magic they will set-up and be awesome. Or I will scrape it into the trash.

There are some new additions to my kitchen. They were an acquisition from IKEA. I find them adorable and once I got them home I knew they needed to live in the kitchen.

I need some name ideas if people are feeling creative this evening.

Well keep your fingers crossed for my baking disaster. Let's hope it surprises me in the morning!


As I went to finish this post the mice made me think of a story that was told all the time about my sister and my grandma ( on my dad's side). My Grandma Tory never liked mice. In fact she hated them. Down right couldn't stand them. Well my sister made her a little cloth mouse one year. I am not sure if it was for Christmas or what. But it was in a little box and my grandma opened it and if I remember correctly- screamed and didn't want a lot to do with the little cloth mouse. I don't know why this so vividly sticks out in my head, but I always remember that story.

I was also thinking today that I remember her wearing this beautiful necklace. It was on a gold chain and it was like a glass bubble (flatish- kind of like a locket that doesn't open) but it was filled with gold dust. I used to sit with her and constantly turn it over and over in my hands. It was a beautiful necklace and now that I think about it...have no idea where it ended up.

Well officially off to bed! 'Night blog world!

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