Thursday, June 25, 2015

Pinterest: the 50/50 shot at a good meal

Pinterest used to be the center of my day for many many months. Not sure if that was due to an easier/awful job, or just being enamored by the site and totally losing my MarthaStewartSelf in all of the pins, but I pinned A LOT. I also use to try a lot of recipes. I also used to look at wedding pins like it was my job. I also used to try to plan gifts and Christmas shopping with a board.

Now, I am luckily if I spend more than 10-15 minutes on there a week! I also stopped following most of the wedding boards I used to (different story for different day, but it felt good to stop feeling depressed that I am no where near getting married). Sadly, I've also stopped creating on the regular. Weather that is a meal or a craft, I just don't have time with work and the new dog (yes, I said new DOG- I'll get to that in a post soon).

Luckily, my workload has been way more reasonable these past few weeks and I've been able to carve out tiny pieces of "me" time. In an attempt to utilize some leftover ingredients from a earlier meal, I found a chicken recipe that looked pretty tasty. I finished work on time (!!!), kenneled the dog without him acting like he was dying, and ran to the local grocery store to grab ingredients.

Guess what----it was pretty dang good. And I share not only because I am proud that I did something that was like my old normal self BUT because my theory on Pinterest recipes is that you've got a 50/50 shot of finding a good one. Many have flopped and failed miserably. Many have been good. But when I really look at it, it is seriously around a 50% success rate. So in an effort to save all of you hardworking, overly busy, and craving creative times like me people- I figured share a good one!

So here it is: Lemon Butter Chicken

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