Sunday, August 15, 2010

Company Event and Weekend with Monica

Last Friday our company event  (which is one of my responsibilities to plan and execute) was held at LuckyStrike Bowling and I must say my event planning skills are definitely getting to the point of refined. Things ran rather smoothly this year and I actually was able to kick back and got to enjoy the event for myself, which is usually pretty rare when you plan an event. After the actual event the co-workers went on out to Iron Horse (this bar is bad news bears for me apparently) and we played some rousing games of skee ball and shuffle board before splitting off and going to different locals for the rest of the evening. I had a great time getting to know some of the remote office employees that I don't get a lot of interaction with. There are some great photos from this event but out of courtesy to my defenseless co-workers I will refrain from posting the evidence of the evening :) but here is a great one showing that we obviously were having a good time:

The next morning I gathered myself together in pjs and headed up to BWI to pick up Monica who flew in a few days before her family for an family event here in DC so she could spend a few days hanging out with me!

After we got back to my apartment and hydrated and rested on the couch we got all cuted-up in sun dressed and headed over to Georgetown to browse the stores and get a cupcake at Georgetown cupcake. Well we did some unsuccessful shopping and then witnessed this line at GTC:

Yes, that is right. There is a 2 block line to get a cupcake at GTC. Now I understand the show has created a lot of hype for this place, and yes I love me a good cupcake. But a 2 block wait!! It's a mini cake with frosting. I make them all the time. Anyways. We didn't end up waiting.

After GT we headed home and relaxed for a bit longer (aka took a nap) and then headed out to Old Town Alexandria to hit up the Fish Market. Monica and I had some princess seating luck and ended up with a romantic little table on the balcony where we could people watch and avoid the restaurant noise. We both ordered forms of seafood pasta and devoured a crab dip before hand. After dinner we strolled up the street and checked out this darling little boutique that SM and I discovered when she was visiting. I ended up leaving with a brand new watch AND a fabulous bling ring that is now a staple in my wardrobe. Or shop browsing caused us to miss getting custard at the Dairy Godmother but it was actually a good thing as our tummys were aching from all the food we inhaled at the Fish Market.

                                               Monica on the balcony at the Fish Market

Sunday morning we headed to Eastern market where we each purchase some beautiful Sterling silver jewelry staples, munched on some yummy pieces of fruit and tried on some outrageous hats and head bands. The heat drove us to retreat to the Dairy Godmother to get the custard we didn't get the night before. Luckily all my raving about the custard lived up to expectations and Monica was wooed with the DG Custard. Monica had the tin roof and I had my usual door county sour.


After custard we headed back to the apartment and relaxed and nibbled on delish delights from the market before heading to dinner at Commissary.

Monica was scheduled to leave me and meet up with her parents on Monday but due to a glitch, Monica got to spend another night with me where we ordered pizza, salads and consumed a delightful bottle of we while gossiping and catching up on life.

Monica is actually leaving town today to head back to the best coast and I was lucky enough to get to see her briefly last night and meet her family. Safe travels Mon and thanks for the great DC memories!!

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