Sunday, August 1, 2010

Little Books

The last night I got to spend with E. Her little little (sorority talk) was in town for sorority things and we met up in GT for some crepes, GT cupcakes and shopping. At Urban Outfitters I stumbled across a collection of four little mini books. I could not resist! They are such a darling size and with witty titles they HAD to come home with me. Luckily E was the voice of reason and I only took two home with me:

If you can't read those titles they are:
  • Lines for All Occasions: Pep Talks & Picker-Uppers: Pithy Proclamations for Life Dreams,The Daily, Financial Straits, Romantic Woes, Family Matters, Self-Esteem.
  • Lines for All Occasions: Insults & Comebacks: Looks, The Young and the Old, Brains, Character, Counter-Attacks, Famous lip.
So pretty much I love them. To share their magicness with you I am going to start sharing randomly selected pits of wisdom from these with you.

Tonight's Wisdom:

From Insults and Comebacks: Aging Bodies is the Topic

  • Your biological clock has stopped ticking.
  • The good news is you look like you should be respected; the bad news is you're not.
From Pep Talks & Picker Uppers: Problematic Profession Topic
  • Doing any job well is noble.
  • Everyone loves a man in chicken uniform.
  • Twitter is totally journalism!
  • Your job would make a great reality TV show.
  • Your my hero.

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