Saturday, January 22, 2011

And the Dish Ran Away With the Spoon

Hand washing dishes was not something I was super excited about when I moved from Alexandria into DC. But I survived it when I lived at my old apartment and when I was looking for my new place having a dishwasher didn't even make it on to my "must have" list. It was somewhere on the "It-would-be-nice-but-if-I-have-to-pick-between-roaches-size-or-a-dishwasher-I-will-take-hand-washing-my-dishes".

So we hand wash our dishes in my household.

It really isn't that bad. With just one of me I really don't produce that many dirty dishes unless I got on a baking or extravagant dinner binge. But I wanted to make sure I had the mother of all dishracks. At my last apartment my roommate had a decent dishrack but it was always too small, the water built up underneath the plastic water catching mat (not good when you have a roach issue, and I am sure you all remember THAT!), and the water never really made it back into the sink even with the little mat that has the lip to drip water back into the sink from the dish run-off. So we searched high and low for a great dish rack.

Thank you Storables!

I brought hope this Polder Advantage Dish Rack and while the price should indicate it a top of line dish rack, I can say I love my purchase!

First of all the rack is angled so it forces the water to run "downhill". The water catcher thing also spreads all the way under the silverware holder so now missed drips from all my utensils. The pull out drying rack is awesome! You can pull it out just part way and put light weight items like knives and small kitchenware's or set it on another counter and dry all your glasses on it. For its $50 price tag- this has made all the difference with my hand washed dishes compromise.

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  1. I understand. Japanese don't really believe in dishwashers... or dryers. At least it's more eco-friendly? at least that's what I tell myself every time I have to run home to put my laundry in my room when it starts raining.