Friday, January 28, 2011

Steam Cleanin Dreamin

For Christmas I was one lucky lucky daughter as my parents helped me out with buying a microwave and then gave me some money to also purchase some sort of device to clean my creaky hardwood floors that I so diligently searched for during my apartment search. I did some research over the past few months and after some debate I took the risk and purchased the Shark Vac-then-Steam mop.

So you are asking yourself "Well...Do you like it?" Ahem. Please pay very close attention as I write this....

This is hands down the best thing I have purchased for the apartment yet. It is amazing! I steam mop for fun. Yes I said I do it for FUN.

Ok first off. Manage some expectations here. The "vac" part of this product is like a bigger more powerful hand-vac. This in no way means that it is as powerful as a real vaccuum. But if you have hard wood floors and you need to pick up those dust balls and kitchen deprise that tends to come out of nowhere! this thing will get the job done. The "steam" part is where it gets fun. You put on the magnetic tray that you hook your steam "mop" too, flip the switch and you start hearing the water go to work. It dries almost instantly. You can see the dirt on the mop and your floors get all shiny and beautiful.

Hands down this gets my goldstarstampandreaisawesomeandsaysthisistoo endorsement. Buy one. Do it.

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