Tuesday, January 11, 2011

We Zoku Do You?

For Christmas I got my sister, her fiance, and my nephew a Zoku from WS. When we went up to spend New Years in SV with her we could resist to see it in action. What transpired from the orange juice popsicle was one of my favorite memories from being home. (We also witnessed a Wyatt kiniption that was spectacular)

So we poured some OJ in:

and then we seriously stood around and watched it freeze (in SEVEN minutes!)

This is what happened next:

Trying his first popscicle

Taking things into his own hands.

And this giddy life moment happened. Yes, at the end he attempts to wipe his sticky hands on me and then goes for the couch.

We had to take it away, as the popsicle stick was going to choke the little man.

That was when the kinipstion happened.






So we put it in a bowl and had to spoon it to him.

All I can say is: Love <3

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  1. This is so incredible precious!!

    also, I like your tag cloud at the bottom. is that new?