Monday, June 27, 2011

Staub and a Dinner Failure

I recently just added a Staub cast iron grill pan to my kitchen line-up. She is a beaut! Cobalt blue, shiny, non-stick surface and heavy enough for me to seriously injure and intruder if that were to ever be and issue.


We took her for a spin tonight and besides the evident fact that my cooking skills are so below where they should be (can anyone say yucky fish for dinner?) she worked great! I currently have a flank steak going through the final stages of marination in my fridge right now which I will attempt later this week.

Honestly though…why can’t I cook? I can bake. Just about anything. But cook. No. Absolutely not. This is not just a problem for me, but think about the poor soul who marries me and finds out I can only put cupcakes, baklava, cookies, and cheesecake on the table?  Pretty sure if  when I go back to school I will starve to death since I won’t live in ADPi and have Sandi to cook my meals, leave “late plates”, or access to the kitchenette!

I also tend to have really negative experiences cooking fish. I just get so discouraged when I make something that gives me the yucks! It is a waste of money and then I also get all nervous about  cooking again—and heave forbid I would actually cook for someone! Gasp.
How did you all learn to cook? How have you gotten over your mental blocks of “I have no idea what I am doing with this pot and pan!”

oh. Is that right? You all love to cook? I am just abnormal? oh. ok. What’s new.
But really people…my default two chicken dishes and pasta are just not going to cut it anymore.


  1. you should get a weight watchers cookbook. i have several of them and most of the recipes are SUPER easy and healthy. i am no chef by any stretch of the imagination, but i think starting with and mastering easy recipes has given me the confidence to move on to more challenging ones. don't give up! :)

  2. Thank you for sharing! I am always having dinner failures!