Thursday, October 13, 2011

99 Problems and the Chicken Isn't One of Them

Everyone meet Jay-Z:

He is MY metal chicken. And yes those are forks that are making his wings. I adore each little yellow toe that he had.

I am thinking about photographing him sitting outside on people's doormats. But then I would be worried that he would get chickennaped. And we don't want that.

Jay-Z is the mini boyfriend of Beyonce. He traveled many miles to come live with me and we already have bonded as he sits right by my bed so I wake up to that darling little beak of his.

I love him too.

He's kind of awesome.

I am about to be gone for awhile. Just a little while I say. But I will be back with tale galore and will be excited to catch up in the blog world! In the meantime Jay-Z will be my watchchicken and will hold down the fort around here.

1 comment:

  1. Please take him with you and photograph him accompanying your travels. I wonder if he'd make it past security.