Sunday, October 9, 2011

Sunday Funday

Well let's see. I have obviously been on a bit of a hiatus. And will be taking another one in just a few days. But more about that later.

For now let me see if I can find something interesting to talk about. I need to write a post about Charlottesville last weekend to see University of Idaho play UVA.

This weekend has been its usual. Luckily I am heading into a 3 day work week (again- more on that later).

Friday I chopped off my hair again for Lock of Love.I have made this something I am continually doing. I grow my hair out, cut it off and do it all over again. I love the cause that it goes to and it is something I can do for other without even really thinking about it. It has been awhile since I have had really short hair and I am really enjoying the cut I got done. I went to Randolph Cree in Capitol Hill based on yelp reviews and other things I read online that talked about this salon's "home-like" feeling and the stylists ability to "get" what you described. I was fortunate to get an appointment with Even who is a co-owner of the salon and everything lived up to my expectations. The environment of the salon was very inviting and comfortable. Evan was awesome! He listened to what I wanted, looked at the photos I had brought in and made sure I was comfortable with the length he was going to cut ( a nice gesture considering I was losing a fair amount of hair!) and then gave me a great hair cut that I am really enjoying. I think he really understood my need to have something that was low-maintenance, had some movement, went in a ponytail and didn't get poofy. Overall I think that I have found someplace, and someone I will continue to go to for my haircuts.

So now you are all curious of what this new 'do looks like. Well here we go:

(I apologize for the awkward mirror photos-- I didn't have a lot of options for photographers this evening)

I'm kind of digging it. And the fact that I actually look like the mid-20 year old that I am. It's been awhile.


  1. What a totally adorable and sassy haircut! You look so great!

  2. I love your haircut! (and that shirt you're wearing)

  3. Love, love, love!!! You look sassy and classy!