Sunday, October 30, 2011

Is It Really That Thing Called Monday Again Tomorrow?

This weekend just slipped through my fingers. I feel like I hardly did anything in the past few days, and it was a week that I really needed a solid weekend after. Needless today say...I am a bit bummed to be headed back to work tomorrow (granted working on a Sunday night in pjs on ones couch isn't much better).

It snowed yesterday which was crazy. There have been a lot of Halloween costume sightings. Particularly in the morning...watching a bumble bee carry her heels to the bus stop never gets old in my book.

To rewind, a few weekends ago we were having brunch at a place down the street from my apartment and I encountered this:

"This" meaning a double yolked egg.

I am fairly certain this is my first and only double yolked egg I have ever encountered. What a stroke of good luck I thought to myself! Well, while I will stick to my idea that this is an omen of good luck, after some online google research I was quick to find the double yolked eggs are not only associated with good luck but also with:

  • an omen of marriage or a proposal
  • the birth of twins
  • a tragic family issue
Let's stick with the omen of good luck shall we?

With Halloween tomorrow I have been admiring people's fall decorations and their Halloween spirit. The other weekend in Old Town I saw these two houses that had done a classy little decorating for tomorrow's holiday. 

Some cute little pumpkins always add that perfect fall touch to any doorway.

I hope that you all have fun, festive and safe Halloweens tomorrow. I have plans to hand out some candy at a friend's house, bake some sweet treats and watch Hocus Pocus. (I'm providing a little clip for your enjoyment)!



  1. Whenever I was in Japan, my grandfather liked to freak me out by giving me double yolked eggs and I have yet to be proposed to, give birth to twins, or have a tragic family issue so am going to go with your luck thing :)

  2. Em and & used to watch that movie ALL THE TIME. I want an immortal cat!

  3. that double yolk looks amazing! Oh and....I have never been to washington dc and I would love to go sometime!