Friday, February 17, 2012

A Student Again

I have had a few things running through my head that I have thought "Yup, I should do that" over the past year. As I am sure you can tell, one has been taking my GMATs, another has been thinking about those next steps in my career, next steps in my personal life and then on a smaller scale...taking my PHR (Professional in Human Resources) exam.

After a lot of drama to get enrolled and some funding to take the prep course. I was finally enrolled as of Wednesday evening into a class through Catholic University. Thursday night I had my first class in the series of nine classes that are an aggressive overview of the broad topic areas in HR that are covered on the PHR exam.

As you can see, I have a lot of reading/studying/memorizing over the next 2 months! My class goes until the end of April and I need to commit to a test date so I am locked in to take the exam in May or June! Fingers crossed that I pass and get my three letters!


  1. that's so awesome! and good for you! I need to enroll myself in some classes. can i borrow some of your motivation? ;)