Friday, February 17, 2012

2011 in Review....Only 1.5 Months Later

A 2011 year in review. Who would I be if I didn't participate in this blogging tradition and bandwagon? (Even if it is a bit very very late at this point!)

I thought about going month-by-month like I did for 2009 but I honestly came up short on inspiration for each month this year. Instead I am just going to highlight a few of the big moments this year.

  • March was a pivotal month for me. I switched jobs. I won't lie. The decision was hard then. And it is still hard now. But while I loved my last job, I have learned a lot in the past 11 months and know that I did something that was really good for my professional life. Have I figured out what I am going to do next? Not even close. No clue and I can't even pretend to fake an answer at this point. But at least I know that I can do different things, learn things and be strong.
  • In April I started really running. Erin and I took Jazzersize for a month or so before I started hitting the gym on my own. But I set my sights on being able to run a 5K. While I have not registered or ran a 5K outside my gym yet, I know that I could mostly likely finish one now and actually enjoy running.
  • My 25th Birthday was a low key celebration complete with Sara visiting and a very very thoughtful gift from the bf. One lucky girl to start a quarter of a century on that note!
  • Over the course of the year, but particularly in June I figured out some of those tough things you run into when you live by yourself. Not only are my messes, MY messes but if your bathtub clogs, you have a broken fire alarm, or your steam mop stops working--they are things you have to man up, put some bigkidpants on and deal with. Generally, I am still enjoying living alone and I fully believe everyone that said I needed to live alone at some point in my life was completely right. I have learned a ton about myself and my own personal preferences. But I also know I will be very ready to have a "household" where I come home to someone, share dishes responsibility, (have a dishwasher!), and generally have someone around on a permanent basis.
  • June was one of my favorite months. I flew to Idaho to surprise my sister and Wyatt for his second birthday. I have never pulled of a really great surprise (except a surprise birthday party way back in the day) and this was no disappointment. I had some of the best days all year being in sun Valley and celebrating Wyatt's birthday! My family also surprised me with some great birthday wishes, and I was given my first DSLR camera that could not have been a better gift for this year!
  • September probably doesn't make this list for being the month of great memories. There are certainly some memories-- some of which I wish were not going to be a part of my story. But life is messy, no? We don't get to erase what we wish we could forget, so for better or for worse they are there and someday I'll look back and know that it was all part of the plan in where I am headed.For now, we are putting one foot in front of the other and hoping it isn't going to be something that can't be repaired.
  • October was probably the highlight of my year. I went to Turkey! I still say that and get chills thinking back at how amazing the trip was and what a great time I had. I have yet to even post photos or a single blog post about this incredible trip--but all I can say is I have caught the travel bug and fell absolutely in love with that country. It was beyond anything I had expected and I am so blessed to have had it all worked out for me to go.
  • In November my family (mom, dad and sister) ALL came to DC for Thanksgiving! It was so special to have them all here and to celebrate a (non-traditional) Thanksgiving holiday with them. We had a wonderful meal at a Art and Soul here in DC and I was so blessed to spend time with them.
  • December was full of family. Just how I like it. Christmas memories. Fires. Christmas morning rolls. Wyatt's giant mound of gifts. Christmas traditions. Shopping. Baking failures. And lots of love.
  • New Years was a typical low-key affair (just how I like them) and my first with the bf. Complete with adorbs babies, good food, laughs and cupcakes.
Now about 2012 you may ask? Oh're not asking? Well I am already thinking about it. Some of the highlights that I can expect to write about next year:

  • Getting my ski on and finally sharing one of my favorites things in the world with one of my favorite people.
  • Expecting the arrival of my nephew/niece in April.
  • Getting to see this girl tie the knot in May in Seattle.
  • Hopefully watch the pounds melt away over the next few months.
  • Taking my graduate school exams (whatever ones those may be).
  • Getting my PHR certification at last.
  • Visiting New York City for the first time!

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  1. You have so many fabulous things ahead! Really excited you will be here to celebrate with us in May :)