Saturday, February 25, 2012

Life Simplistic

I got ALL worked up last night. Like hotmesssnottynose style, thinking that I had made a series of wrong turns that most definitely had led me somewhere where I would never recover from. Leading me to call it an evening and turn off the lights, tuck myself in with a soft blanket and retire my thoughts. I woke up today with my eye lids sealed shut with sleep and the desire for peanut butter (because peanut butter fixes empty stomachs and I somehow managed to not even eat dinner last night). So after a bagel with peanut butter, a cup of coffee and some new music put on my phone I decided I needed a change of scenery. If gas didn't cost so much I would have just driven for hours today. No direction, no map, no GPS, no intent except to look out the window at this:

It was blue. It was radiant. It played into my thoughts from reading Kelle Hampton's blog this morning. The sea provides a constant reminder and grounding for Kelle, there she sees sunsets and sunrises, like clockwork, a simple reminder that despite all, the world will continue to move us forward...reminding us that a bad night will pass and tomorrow has the promise of big fluffy white clouds hanging in a crystal blue sky.

So I didn't drive for hours. Instead I tried to go to Buzz for some coffee, cookies and a session with my Module 1 PHR prep book. Buzz was packed. So was my favorite Starbucks in Old Town. So was the Library. Detered not I found  an ordinary Starbucks, with little-to-no charm, but it had an open seat and I sat down to study. I swear I had opened my book for a total of 2 minutes and I hear a guy telling his friend about his new home in Idaho and how the Sawtooth mountains are framed in his living room windows. Leaning a bit closer, I heard him continue to talk about this amazing little town of Stanley Idaho. I couldn't resist. I had to pull my Idaho card. So we chatted about Idaho things. Like open spaces, and cold weather, and river rafting and deer in your backyard. It is a small small small world....after all.

And if you haven't listened to all of this yet. You really should. It makes me sing at the top of my lungs in the car, taping the steering wheel, rocking out in that type of way that one does when no one is watching.  

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