Sunday, March 11, 2012



I love cheese.

So much in fact that I have plans for lots of cheese at my wedding, any baby shower or bridal shower I ever throw, and dinner party I dream of in my head. Cheese makes my soul sing. When I find a good cheese I obsess. I think about it until the next time I can have some. Recently the object of my affection:


Photo via thekitchn

It is a fresh cheese that is similar in texture to mozzarella but it has a much more buttery flavor. Served with EVOO and sometimes with a tomato garnish (yes--I have started eating tomatoes!!), it is an amazing cheese to spread on french bread drizzled with more EVOO.

The first time we tried burrata was during a date night to Cheesetique in Del Ray. We had asked for a recommended starter and that is what we were told to order. At the time we devoured the plate and then moved on to our adult grilled cheese sandwiches that were stuffed full of Beecher's flagship.

So we move on in life and ended up in Denver at Osteria Marco for dinner with a friend and she insisted we try their burrata. One of us (not this girl!) remembered that we had tasted burrata before, but for the life of us we could not figure out where. Needless to say we devoured their burrata and probably wished we each had our own plate of it to follow! Instead we each had some amazing pizza. Mine was a carbonara pizza that had a egg in the middle that oozed yolk onto the pizza!

Since Denver I picked up some burrata at Trader Joes and we had it as a snack before a celebratory meal here in DC and then just the other night we were back at Cheesetique at we ordered the burrata again. It finally clicked where we had burrata to start! We have both agreed the the handmade stuff at Osteria Marco was superior but we still love the cheesetique version. Add this to my list of favorite cheeses!


  1. mmmm now I'm dreaming of cheese!
    I'll have to pick some up if I see any in these parts!