Monday, June 18, 2012

Big Lights Will Inspire You- NY Day 2- Part 1

The next morning we hit up the hotel breakfast after we had a wonderful nights sleep after all of that walking! After filling up on coffee, fruit loops, bananas, and some OJ we headed off in the same direction as day one, but this time to make it to The High Line. After a quick subway and some walking we found ourselves at one end of it. Just from the first glimpse I knew I was going to love it!

And love it did I! This might have been one of my favorite parts of our trip! Such a cool concept and with each little part of this park I kept thinking "OOoOH! I would love to come here with a book (or an iPad!), grab a cup of coffee and people watch, or just walk and chat with a girlfriend". It was peaceful, it was urban, it was design-y, it was modern and classic. I couldn't get enough. If we had stayed for a week I am sure I would have asked to go back every single day.

Inside this tunnel thing there were coffee vendors, gelato and then we found....

Paletas! I had a lime cilantro one sprinkled with a spicy salt mixture. It was delightful!

I would live on these wooden lounge chairs. Book in hand. Girlfriend by side. Coffee in hand.

After exploring THL and being sad to leave we decided to walk to Eataly which is a market, restaurant, everything-Italian-you-can-think-of  which is part of the Mario Batali line of food-goodness. I can say that this was a overindulgence for the part of me that adores food! There were colorful pieces of food everywhere, pasta drying on racks, fresh bread, wine, and cheese for days.

We decided to try one of the mini restaurants that is housed in Eataly and we were lucky enough to snag two bar seats where we ordered olives and a cheese/cured meat platter that was a work of art.

Just outside was the Flat Iron building, which from my 5th grade "States Project" became a fascination of mine for years.

On the top of my New York To-Do list was traveling to the top of the Empire State Building. Again, another part of my 5th grade project that I just never forgot. Add in my love for Sleepless in Seattle- and there we get to my interest in this iconic building. The night before when it was too foggy and raining, we got some cool photos of it at night, but walking closer and closer to it, you start to grasp just how incredibly large and magnificent it is!

It was hard for me to control my photo taking and naturally I have ended up with so many photos from the top, but it was jaw dropping. I love getting skyline views of cities and landscapes.

to be continued.....


  1. THL looks so cool and I've yet to go - need to add that to my next trip!!

    Mmm Eataly- and it's so much fun just to walk through! Now I'm dreaming of cured meat and cheeses

  2. What a fantastic time! I'm with Erica - yes to meats and cheeses!