Friday, June 8, 2012

Where O Where Art Thou?

I feel like I am rising from the dead. I needed a break. Whenever this (and by "this" I mean blogging) becomes "work" I have to step back and reclaim this as a "hobby" since I do a lot of real "work".

There is also that fine line of committing myself to recording my life here and actually living my life. While I know this is important to me (and to you--my readers-- which is the most rewarding thing for me) but I NEVER want to sacrifice real, substantial, quality time with a friend, boyfriend, or family member to blog (since that is where I get my material!).

Don't get me wrong...Technology is great. But I also see its potentially damaging effects it can have and I try as much as I can to make sure it is not owning me. So while I want to be here, I also want to be with my people and living in the moment of the time with them and trying not to fall into thinking about each date, or outing, or trip in terms of its "blogging potential". Again. It is balance. It is finding happiness in what and where I want and considering the impact it has on others.

But in summary. I want to update you. It may be slow. It may be incomplete, but I think I am back.

I am still studying away for my PHR exam. I felt great about it a few weeks ago, and now that June has arrived, I either have lost brain cells, or I am nervous and forgetting stuff I learned. Needless to say. I am stressing. Big time. So we pushed back my test officially today. I take it a week from tomorrow and I am in lock-down mode for the weekend. Besides cleaning, maybe going to the gym and brunch with a friend, I need to be reading, making flashcards and knowing this stuff inside and out for the next two days.

In more exciting news...My birthday recently came and went. I have to say I was more than ready to shed my 25th year. Twenty-Five was a rough year. Twenty-Six so far feels like a new chapter and I am excited for the next year. I was lucky enough to have some great people at work take me out to lunch. The BF took me an amazing dinner at Mintwood Place that opened up in my neighborhood recently. He then spoiled me even more with a wonderful gift that I'll share later. Dinner was topped off with nothing less than creme brulee and a somewhat early evening since we had work the next day.

Saturday a bunch of my friends came to have some late afternoon beers at American Ice Company. It was really fun to see a lot of my friends that i hadn't caught up with in awhile and it was a low key way (only one celebratory pickleback shot) to bring in my 26th year.

Well I am going to hold true to my plan and pick up the books before I head to bed.

Feels good to be back blogaverse!

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