Thursday, July 12, 2012

What Really Gets Me

Seeing a man carry flowers.

I have no idea where these flowers are going. Maybe they are
  • going home to his wife/girlfriend/SO for an anniversary or birthday. Or maybe just because he loves someon
  • for his daughter after her dance recital
  • for a sick friend
  • to congratulate someone on a new baby
  • for a co-worker who needs a pick-me-up
  • for his mother who he hasn't seen in weeks because he has been too busy with work
Regardless, it makes me smile. While flowers don't last; they wilt and you can't keep them forever- I think that is what makes them so special.

Such a gesture of affection.

They don't last, they are sunk money, and something you don't have forever. In a way they represent an acknowledgement that a reason for flowers can be just a fleeting as the flowers themselves. Bringing them home to the person you love just because at a certain moment you remembered how pretty they looked or how well they fold your socks.

It gets me. Tugs right at my heart strings. Makes me smile at the guy carrying them and restores my faith in the belief that there is always more good than bad in the world. So thank you to all the flower carrying men in the world.

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