Monday, July 9, 2012

My Mom Makes My Heart Sing & The Easter Bunny

For anyone who knows me, it will come as no surprise that I am crier. I don't like to cry, and it usually happens in the worst situations when I want to be strong. The pattern I see is that I cry about things that are so very very very important to me. I don't cry over everything, but when I do cry. I CRY.

Well to my adorable story that gives me warm fuzzies and makes me smile in and out. After my post yesterday about the Salt Water Sandals, I got an email from my Mom today. Now, another thing I am sure most of you have picked up on, is that one of my biggest dislikes of being on the LEast coast is not being able to around my family. To put it lightly- I love my family, and they kind of rock.

So back to the email.

My mom wrote me this cute email where she told me she loved my purple salt waters from when I was little and that she wants to buy me a pair as a congrats for passing my PHR. Needless to say, it was such a cute and nice email, so I started crying. Not like ugly cry. But happy cry, because again- my family is amazing. My mom is the cutest and she has always been one of the most thoughtful people. She seems to always know what my heart truly desires and has figured out a way to make it happen.

To go off on a memory tangent here...when I was little we were shopping at Albertson's (big grocery store back on the Best Coast) right before Easter. There were always these stuffed animals that would hang from a chain hanging from the ceiling by the check-outs. Well there was this large (we are talking at least 2/3 feet tall) fuzzy yellow bunny that was holding a stuffed orange carrot. He also had these long bunny ears that were lined with a satin pink fabric that could entice any little girl. I locked eyes with that bunny and it was L-O-V-E. I wanted that rabbit more than my pre-ten-year-old-self could comprehend.

Well Easter rolls around, and I remember dragging myself upstairs (I have NEVER been a morning person- ask ANYONE I have ever known and they will tell you so) to find our Easter baskets brimming full of candy and treats from the "Easter Bunny". Now our family "Eastern Bunny" always went far beyond just bringing chocolate, Peeps, and jelly beans. Our bunny brought gifts. I can't remember what my sister got that year, but I moped off to the "green room" (it had teal carpet at the time) to mourn the fact that my stuffed bunny was not in my basket.

I was just about to sit in my favorite chair and THERE was my BUNNY! I grabbed him, wrapped my arms around him and came trotting out to the kitchen with the biggest smile on my face.

We still talk about how happy that bunny made me, and how big my smile was.

Now I am all weepy. But case-in-point. My family "Easter Bunny" is pretty amazing.

Thanks mom for the email! You made my day week, possibly month! Love you! mom votes red for the sandals. I am leaning that way too!

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  1. This is so cute! I had salt water sandals when I was a little girl, and LOVED them. What a great mom you have to send you a present :) And Congrats on passing the test!! How exciting!

    xo Lisa