Tuesday, February 5, 2013

A Date at Union Market

This past late summer/early fall the bf and I headed to the new (to me) Union Market, a year round "artisanal marketplace". It features a variety of places to eat, buy local meats and produce, and shops with unique and home-y products. Our first encounter was the crafty-bastards craft fair, that was a scene to say the least. While we would have loved to grab some food that day, there were just too many people and no where to sit. We have been talking about going back for months now, and since the bf is gone this entire week for work- we thought it a nice date space before we had a whole week apart.

As I am sure you remember, I LOVE me some oysters.Whenever the bf asks what I want to eat one my usual responses is "Oysters and watermelon". Needless to say, we have never gotten oysters together and we have certainly never fulfilled my dream of oysters AND watermelon. So after all the times he "poo-pooed" (his words not mine!) my oyster request, he suggested we try the Rappahannock Oyster Co.

We got seats right at the bar, and were able to watch them shuck and plate oysters. We each started with a delish beer, a bowl of oyster chowder (full of awesome, big oysters) and then each ordered six raw oysters to slurp down.

It was pretty stinkin' good. Oysters may easily make it into my favorite food list, I just can't get enough!

After our super yummy food, we wandered the market a little and then headed home and even had to brush a light dusting of snow off the car!

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  1. Sounds like such a fun date spot! I LOVE oysters too!