Sunday, February 3, 2013

Spokane, Idaho and Schweitzer

Last weekend we took a little cross country ski trip getaway to Schweitzer mountain in Sandpoint Idaho.

Many of my summers and holidays were spent in north Idaho so we could see my grandparents. It has been awhile since I have been in the Spokane/CDA area but I was excited to go back someplace that was almost as familiar to me as home.

I flew into Spokane and due to different flight schedules, I had some time to kill before the boyfriend flew in. I rented my first car!!! and drove into Spokane to entertain myself.

From the recommendation of a college friend I headed to Madeline's to camp out on my computer for a little while. I had an awesome paninni with a side of corn chowder and a latte served in a cozy oversized bowl.
After getting some personal and professional work done, I took a little walk over to the waterfront park area and poked around at some of the sights. Sadly, the carousel that my mom would take me on when I was little was closed so I just got a few pictures of the sights in the park.

 It was pretty cold so I sought out a place to warm up, and what better than to head over to the Davenport hotel and enjoy a cup of coffee in their beautiful lobby.

This hotel was something I heard about from my Grandparents growing up, and sitting in the lobby I could only day dream about long ago days where they probably attended amazing parties and witnessed the same lobby in its original state.
After getting some feeling back in my toes, I headed to wander around the mall before returning my rental car and meeting the bf at the airport. Once the bf landed and got in we checked out Gonzaga's campus and the site of his current project. Then we started the drive up to Sandpoint. The drive was really foggy, but not too bad overall considering the frigid temperatures.
The next morning we woke up, got all the ski gear on and drove up to find Schweitzer drenched in bright blue skies, sunny rays, and excellent snow conditions.
We got two really great days of skiing in. Using our ski tracks app that the bf and I are now addicted to when we go skiing, we pulled off over 30,000 vertical one day! Schweitzer has night skiing, so we were able to stay on the slopes until almost 5pm!
After our second day of skiing (and a little apres) we drove down to Coeur D'Alene to stay the night. We went to dinner at a great pizza place on Sherman Ave called Fire where we had some of the best pizza I have had in a long time!
The next morning we did a quick tour of CDA and I got to show the bf all the places I remember from my childhood and things related to my grandparents. It was a mjor trip down memory lane and I am already planning a summer vacation to get up there  so I can enjoy the lake!
After our CDA tour, we had a Cabella's shopping trip, and then I got dropped off to fly back to good ol' DC.
It was such an awesome trip. Writing about it makes me want to do it all over again. It was awesome to be somewhere that was a part of my childhood and experience it as an adult.

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