Saturday, February 2, 2013

Oh Me, Oh My! Another Year Gone By!

Oh me! It is 2013. Already. Oh My! Where did 2012 go?

I have a thing about odd numbered years. Odd number birthday years too. They make me antsy. Even numbers always just seem less jagged, less abrasive....more stable. However, last year was anything but stable. It seemed like 12 months of just ups and downs, uncertainty and hard decisions. I have a ton to be thankful for, and last year blessed me with many great moments, but I have to say I am determined to look at 2013 and say:

"Hey you big-odd-numbered-rugged-around-the-edges year! I am going to rock this year. I am going to own you, and I am going to have some big stuff happen to me that I want! Yea. That's right. I'm talking to you 2013."

I haven't sat down and thought about goals, resolutions, focus points, or whatever you want to call them...yet. I will. I have a few default deadlines that will drive some of goals for the year, but I want look at those, and fill in some more things I want to accomplish this year.

Buuuuuttttttttt....without further ado, another year in recap for you:


We spend New Years eve with friends, playing games, holding babies and eating the only cupcakes I made this year! (That clearly can't be the case this year).


After some difficult hoops at work to jump through, I finally enrolled in the prep class to take my PHR exam. Going back to "school" was challenging, but it made me really start thinking about the next educational steps I want to take.

It was also the first of two ski trips to Colorado. This one was to Winterpark and we had the awesome in to staying at this cozy condo that belonged to a past co-worker of the bf. We were able to have some awesome company join us and we fit in some awesome days of skiing/snowboarding. (There was also a relationship testing moment on the slopes--which has evolved into a pretty funny story at this point!) There was also a dead owl, some amazing tacos, and an awesome fake bear rug that I wish I owned. Sharing one of my passions with the LomL was HUGE!


Another ski vacation (yes, I am SO lucky for all my jet setting to go skiing) with friends and the bf to Colorado. This time we went with a big group of people (new bambinos included) and rented a house in Breckenridge. The bf and I got to ski quite a bit, sadly one of our good friends got food poisoning/altitude sickness, but we fit in about three days. Not only was the skiing great, it was relaxing and my first experience flying first class!


Big month. My niece, Ava, showed up a few weeks late and made my beautiful sister a mommy of two and my amazing nephew the world's cutest big brother. I can't even begin to say how much fun Ava has been and how much I love her. If being an Aunt to one was great...being and Aunt to two is beyond words!

New Yorrrrrk!!! This was such a great trip! In all my time in DC, I can't believe I put off going until New York until now. The bf spoiled me yet again on this one and in addition to seeing the sights and sounds of the big city, we also ate some amazing food and the bf took me to Colicchio & Son's for dinner (another Top Chef restaurant for my list!!).


I clearly took a blog hiatus this month. LomL and I went to Seattle with me for Brooke's wedding. We got to hang out with my friends in my city, which was really a change of pace! I also headed home after Seattle to meet Ava for the first time.

My time at home was wonderful, getting to see Wyatt race all around the pump park on his bike and getting to hang out with the next generation of women in the family!


I did it. I passed. I earned my PHR and quickly tasted the glory of such a big accomplishment. It felt great (considering that test was an animal), it made me realized my value, and it also made me more confident in my professional life.


The bf and I took a little summer jaunt to get out of DC during some of the hottest time! We took a road trip up to Cleveland and Pittsburgh to catch some baseball games! Cleveland was really fun, as I loved exploring the city where my grandparents had lived and where my grandpa had gone to medical school. We ate at an awesome restaurant called Hodges, and got a taste of one of our favorite ice creams: "hodgepodge" (i.e. coffee ice cream with puppy chow mixed in). In Pittsburgh we browsed the Andy Warhol museum ate perogis, and figured out just how long the bf's car could run on the last few drops of gas before coasting into a gas station.

We spent the 4th of July at a friend's house in old town Alexandria having a fabulous meal and then driving up to the Masonic temple to watch the various firework displays.

I also stepped up my Top Chef nerdyness and got to opportunity to briefly meet Mike Isabella.


I visited Albuquerque for the first time. Hometown of the bf. I loved seeing where he grew up, what defined his childhood, early adult years, and what overall just makes him...him. We rode a super long tram to the top of the Sandia Mountains. We went on a Breaking Bad tour. We went to Santa Fe and saw an amazing stair case. We ate amazing food and I fell in love with a cinnamon roll.

Later that month there was also a night of Bob Ross painting with two of my favorite gals! It was bittersweet as Erin was getting ready to leave DC for her next adventure in California. Luckily, we have paintings to remember our friendship roots in DC together!


We went apple picking out in Virginia! A lot of the trees were already picked over, but we brought home two HUGE bags of apples that we turned into: apple butter, dried apples, cobbler, and some mini handpies.

The bf joined me again for another University of Idaho football game down at UNC. I drove a stick shift on the highway after only one lesson. There was an episode of poison ivy. It rained. A lot. I had some blueberry beer that I still crave. U of I lost, real real bad. We did complete the weekend with a wonderful brunch with my little sis, Mallory.

I also set off the fire alarm.


I got the socks surprised off me with a really amazing gift from the bf.

He puts skis on's love baby.


I was only in DC for about 2 weeks before heading home for another wonderful Christmas holiday with the family. My parents waited for me to get home so I could help pick out and decorate the tree this year. It was Ava's first Christmas. It was a Sun Valley Christmas complete with a sleigh ride to trail creek cabin and Sun Valley ice show. It was perfect. The best Christmas yet, if you ask me, but they just keep getting better if you ask me. The bf also flew into Idaho for a Sun Valley new years, and I got to show him what makes

I know we are already a month into the new year. Per usual I am so behind on recapping, looking forward and thinking about the new year. I know one thing though...writing this all out, looking back at a year that was complicated, intimidating and full of challenges, was a year FULL of crazy, amazing, wonderful moments. Moments that I spent with my favorite people, people I love, and who love me and I have no doubt that 2013 will be even more of something good.

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  1. What an amazing year!! and look at you rocking the circle pictures ;)

    May 2013 top even your best moments of 2012. <3