Saturday, August 18, 2012

Getting Our Bob Ross On

A sad time is nearing and I am getting weepy just thinking about it. One of my closest friends I have had since starting my adventures (and we even go back before that) has made a massive success of herself and is headed off to get a fancy schmancy P to the Hd. While I a, thrilled for Erin, I am undoubtedly sad and will miss her a ton. To celebrate her last day at work and her upcoming transition to studenthood, we relieved one of my favorite DC memories and utilized a coupon to take a 2 hour painting class ( complete with the needed inspirational glass of wine). We expanded the date and I finally got A and E to meet.

We started the evening grabbing some drinks at JPaul's in Georgetown and then stuttered around trying to find the location of the class, which was less than obvious.

The class was smaller. Around 15 people and we lucked out by getting to sit all in a row with a great ledge to set out or spread of cheese and grapes. Not even 10 minutes into the class we were already laughing and chowing down on the cheese plate.

We were attempting to paint an "abstract" that we later learned was a sunsetty skyline, a body of water and some creative looking rocks that looked like poop at first attempt.

Our instructions were a la Bob Ross-esque, but replace "some happy little trees" with " we are just going to tap that" (yes. We died laughing. So did the poor schmuck that got dragged to the class with his over-controlling and self-loathing girlfriend. We then couldn't keep it together and with each " tap that" we became even more like 6th graders.)

Soon our masterpieces started taking shape and we put on our serious Bob Ross faces.

Then the aggressive "taping" started as we developed our sky.

Then came the rocks. Now if you are saying " the look easy"- guess again. Some looked like little poos, I had one end up looking like a dead Phoenix, rather than the rocky mass I was going for.

After some fine tuning things started really coming together.

In all seriousness I was crazy impressed with our work! As a set, they look pretty awesome together!

It was a great night and another memory I will put in my favorites!