Monday, August 6, 2012

I'll Always Be Thinkin' of You

Let's finish up New York shall we? In that final home stretch of documenting this trip and I should just get er done.

On our last day we slept in once we woke up and heard the light drizzle of rain. We also had some recovering to do after the amazing meal the night before. We packed up and got out of hotel room before we ventured out to find this shop I had read about in our travel book. With umbrella's in hand, we headed back to the area near Eataly. Fish's Eddy sounded like an awesome place to find some vintage and unique finds for the kitchen. Not only did they have some unique finds-- the also had a plethora of dish sets and kitchen items that I would love to buy.

I did limit myself and only purchased two items for myself. The first was this mug. I loved the design and since I love my eclectic set of mugs I have started to collect, I knew this had to come home with me.

The other piece that had to become part of my kitchen was this teeny, tiny plate that has the floor plan for a studio apartment printed on it. Since Ashley and I have the running joke about our "hotel living", I knew this would be a perfect memento for my time in my 415sq. ft.

After our little shopping adventure we stumbled upon the Beecher's Cheese shop in New York. When Nick told me he had never been to Beecher's we knew we had to try it out! It is one of my favorite things about Seattle, and a fixture of the Pike Place Market area in Seattle. We both ordered some Mac N' Cheese, salads and some fancy drinks. We even lucked out, and from our seats that looked into the cheese making area, we got to watch some cheese making for awhile!

Braving the rain, we knew we should get on the road and get back to DC. We headed back to the hotel, picked up our bags and grabbed the car. So I could say I had gone over the Brooklyn bridge, we headed out of NY that way and found ourselves right by the Brooklyn Museum. On a whim we decided to check it out. We completely lucked out and were able to catch a Keith Herring exhibit AND see some mummies. (Side note: I have a crazy interest in ancient Egypt, thanks to a class I took called "Digital Egypt" (there was nothing digital about it)). It was a perfect ending to our trip!

Unfortunately, the weather only got worse and we had a very long, stressful, and quiet car ride back to DC.

But my first taste of New York could not have been more fun and awesome. I am still dreaming about when I can go back and starting to plan some of the things we missed that I would love to see!

For all you New York people...did we miss anything I should add to my list for next time?? (I am hoping for Christmas time and the Nutcracker!)

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