Friday, August 10, 2012


I have started and not finished a total of three blogs tonight. Nothing seems to be "right" tonight. Under sharing. Over-sharing. Cliche. Too deep. I just can't get it right.

I've been flying solo this week. Someone  (not this girl) has been off in the state where Bigger is (supposedly) Better. I don't envy him. However, it has cause me to dig out those old photos, think back to the kids I nannied, the sticky summer heat, berries with whipped cream, my 12 day job,  the children's museum, and some really really good steaks. I've also had a lot of time to have an extended "me-date" or "mate". I just came up with that. (Catchy- I know. Brilliant- perhaps)

So "mates". What are they? Consultant girlfriends should have a special club and "mates" can be a topic of conversation. (oh you aren't a girlfriend of a consultant--well I am sure it is the same for SOs of doctors, lawyers, busy people, and SO's in general. I as a consultant girlfriend just have a SO that travels and works a lot.) Simply--it are the evenings that you invest some quality time in yourself. I have been trying to "mate", and not just vegetate on my couch (although tv watching can be a very needed mate ritual). So how have I been spending my time on these "mates" with myself?

1) At the gym.

Like a lot of time at the gym. I usually get home from work late and then just forgo the gym, but I have kept a very steady schedule this week due to bosses summer vacations and I have been in the gym before I even get home some nights. With nowhere to be and no one to see me after I have sweated glistened my heart out, I have been putting in an extra 30 minutes on top of my normal workout. This has resulted in long runs, time to really do some strength training and stretching.

I have been falling into bed exhausted and also really sore, but really proud too.

2) Making dinner

I don't cook. Like not even in a ImakesimplethingslikeburritosandIambeingmodestbysayingIdon'tcook. No. Really. I don't cook. Don't really know how. I have like 5 dishes up my sleeve. So without the SO around to play chef, I am usually resorting to cereal, chips and salsa, or something I can just put in my oven. Budget constraints have really forced me to not eat lunch out, so I've been trying to cook and to take left overs for lunch. It has been moderately successful.

3) Catching up on Breaking Bad

Here is where my TV watching got a tad bit out of control. I have been trying to get through all 4 seasons (and the part of the 5th that has aired) so I can watch in real time. I just finished season 4 tonight so I am almost there!

4) Crafting

This is my outlet. Creating something. Living in 415 sq. ft. doesn't afford me the luxury to spread out and have my craft stuff out all the time so I can just have ongoing projects. I did make some cards the other night and I could feel some of my stress just melting away. I have left some of my supplies out to hopefully entice me to do this more often.

5) Blogging

It is hard work to document. Blogging as a job would be hard and I admire all of those writers, artists, creative folk who take this on to provide income and to be more than just a running journal like myself. I need to make time for this. It is important to me. It makes me feel good. I LOVE (Yes, LOVE) readers comments, getting a new follower, finding a new blog that I want to read every entry of and just looking back at what I have documented so far. It is rewarding. I want to be more in this community. The people I have connect with through blogging are inspirational, uplifting, and I hope to build on those relationships. It is so much more than just slapping some words up and calling it good. Like I said. Sometimes it doesn't come easy. There is a line to evaluate. It takes time. You also have to connect if you want to be connected. So I have used some of these hours to try to make some meaningful comments and connections on others blogs that I read but sometimes don't pause to tell them how awesome I think they are.

So there it is, what I have been doing on my "mates".

While I do love a good week of "mates", I will be excited to get back to "dates"...since I kind of like that person I do those with too ;)

What do you do on "mates"?

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