Sunday, August 5, 2012

HR Learnings

I took an into to psych course in college ( one of those classes that 700 people took each quarter) and I remembered really enjoying it.

Well, while studying for my PHR I found this section on principles of human behavior. It went a little something like this:

All behavior is caused. People have a reason for doing what they do.
All behavior is directed toward achieving a goal. People do things to accomplish something. Behavior is not just random.


It was a very stark reminder that people do things and with thinking about them. They make decisions. It may be decisions I don't like, or it may be a decision that hurts me. I have zero control over the decisions people make. What I do have control over is:

  • My own decision about how to react.
  • Based on other people's decisions, do I want them to remain a part of my life.
  • And while judgement is not something I should do, I can decide to not agree and I'm allowed to be hurt.
It can be jarring to realize that all those behaviors that people have exhibited did have an intention. It can open a world of wounds and a long list of questions that force you to make some tough decisions. The beauty of it all?

You are making your own decisions.

Which means you can do that whatever you like.

No rules. Just the awareness that your behavior is never random. So be nice.


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