Saturday, August 11, 2012

Weekending and Hometowns

Finally. Saturday! Hurrah! I am headed out the door so this will be quick but wanted to get a little something down before I start my day.

I shouldn't even be complaining about this week! My boss has been on vacation this entire week (and next) so my to-do list, while long, has at least be something that I can shorten rather than just add to like most weeks.

Yesterday I got some fantastic news. Probably not ready to put that here yet....this is a public forum ;) but I was pretty excited and hoping that things just keep falling into place on this!

The SO is back today from a week of travel, which is nice. I don't know about everyone else that has SOs that travel a lot, but it gives me anxiety. If I don't hear from him I start thinking I should call every hospital in the area, or place a report for a missing person! Granted he is fine, but it can be a lot of travel and well I worry.

I hung out with some friends and past co-workers I hadn't seen in awhile which was a pleasant surprise ending to the week.

This upcoming week I am headed on a trip that I have been eagerly waiting to take for awhile now. Both the SO and I live pretty far away from where we grew up and it can be pretty challenging for all of those "normal" relationship milestones to happen. Like meeting the family, seeing hometowns (sounds like the Bachelorette over here!), going places you went as a child that are important to you, etc.. Well finally we are going to check off a visit to one of our hometowns this week. I am pretty excited to see where he grew up, as I know Boise explains a lot about me, so I am sure this will be equally as enlightening as whenever we get him to Boise/Sun Valley.

I've got some errands planned, some cleaning I need to do and a few other items I need to take care of before Friday.

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend and get some relaxation in amongst busy schedules!

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