Monday, June 17, 2013

Vegas. #kendalgetsmarried

My first time in Vegas. After many antipacted months of planning, brainstorming, and changing everything a million different times, a weekend in Vegas happened to celebrate Kendal's upcoming nuptials.
Erica and I had planned via phone and gchat this weekend for months. It is crazy to think it was so complicated to organize 8ish women to make sure we all end up in the same place, and the same time. Granted, I shouldn't be surprised at all. Planning things in general is a lot of effort, never mind for a group of girls!
Luckily it was a great weekend, and such a great chance to see the group of girls who I call some of my dearest friends.
I flew from DC to Vegas on Friday afternoon and was welcomed with a blast of sweet sweet dry heat! After checking in the Flamingo hotel, I set out with the other two early arrivers and sought out my first cocktail and a big plate of nachos at Margharittaville. We then decided to start my on food tour and roamed down the strip to see the Venetians, TI, and any other place that we could duck into to beat the heat. After roaming and collecting some drinks for the rooms, we headed back to the rooms to put up decorations in the room to really ring in the Bachelorette party theme.
Other arrivers trickled in, and due to our increasing numbers in age, we all agreed on some soda, chips and salsa, followed by an early (early by Vegas standards, not early for me in regular life!) bedtime.

A morning energy rally happened and we all congregated by the pool to soak in some rays in the triple digit weather! I managed to avoid a major burn (just a few minor spots on my Swedish skin). Hunger dictated showers and a trip to a hotel resteraunt for a massive cheese burrito and cocktails.

After lunch the planned festivities started and we headed to a Pole dancing class at Pole Fitness Studio (highly recommend them). A few minor hiccups in the plan, but we managed to have a blast and to get the bride-to-be laughing.
Relaxing, hair, make up, fake eyelashes, and droning our best Vegas get-ups we headed to dinner at Society Cafe at the Encore. This meal was awesome! A lot of us opted for a four course chefs menu which was so good!
Then we walked to the Wynn next door, and stood in a line that would rival any ride at Disneyland to get into XS. Luckily, good company and a beer make a long line seem a little bit shorter. After weaving through a cue that would make your head spin, we walked into this mega club to a scene that was EXACTLY how I envisioned Vegas. Lights. Dancing. Massive crowds of dancing people. A few obscenely overpriced cocktails, we staked a spot, got the bride-to-be socializing and watched the magic happen. The big attraction of the night was Avicii, and I can certainly check off my bucket list the item that says "go to the most popular nightclub in Vegas, and see a a-list DJ". Check.

I was proud. We stayed out until about 4, pouring ourselves into bed and sleeping through the the remaining wee hours of the morning.
Recovery breakfast. Shopping adventure. And tracking down some sweets from Bouchon bakery wrapped up my trip and I headed back to the airport with a total of about 10 total hours of sleep for the weekend.
Bachelorette party success.

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  1. OMG, I wanna go!!! Your trip looks so fun and fabulous. I am DYING to go to Bouchon!