Thursday, May 15, 2014

Bumps on a Log

The BF's mother came to visit us for Easter weekend, which was such a treat. Typically holidays pass and I hardly even pay them notice. When you don't have family near, the idea of big celebrations and doing all those traditional things just isn't as fun. Having a guest made it feel like a holiday for once, which was really nice- even if we didn't do traditional Easter things. 

One of the days of her visit we drove her to Harpers Ferry, which is one of my favorite day trips in DC. We went a few years ago for an inaugural car ride in the BFs new car and had a fantastic day enjoying the little town. 

It was a bit more crowded and busy this trip, but we had a pleasant lunch and got some quality time out of DC (which we all know how much I enjoy that!)

What was really incredible was when we were walking from the car to the main street (you do have to park about 1/2 mile away) we walked along a stream/waterway area and I spotted a little turtle sunning on a log. A few feet further and we saw a huge turtle slowly swimming underwater! We were able to see 15-20 different turtles either swimming or basking in the sun on logs as we walked into town. 

My favorites where a row of turtles on a log that all lined up in size order! It was pretty stinking cute!

We walked around, hand lunch, checked out the historic church and then on the way back to the car, we saw that these bumps on a log had only attracted more friends! Still in size order too...

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