Tuesday, May 20, 2014

These Are Some of My Favorite Things

♥ I found the most adorable Boise coasters that I framed for my office during Christmas. I just found LadyBugPress on etsy, and she has save the date coasters that are adorable.

♥ Sending flowers is always such an expensive and disappointing experience. You end up spending way more than you anticipated and then your gift usually arrives and looks nothing like what you ordered. Makes me interested to try the affordable and well rated Bouqs (Hint: Boyfriend, hint, hint).

♥ I've been trying to find the perfect new duvet or coverlet for our guest bedroom (my office) for months now. While these don't come in a color I am excited about for our room, I really loved them and the look. 

♥ I bought these today in an attempt to have some light colored pants in my wardrobe. They are some of the most comfy pants I have ever purchased. 

♥ Slurpees have long been a favorite treat of mine, but for some reasons the "7evs" near me gross me out. This neat trick looks like a fun way to get my frozen coke fill. 

♥ This might be my new go-to baby gift for friends who have new little ones. How much fun to have something personalized! 

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