Monday, August 3, 2009

A New Type of Post

What is this? Things I actually like about DC/VA/TWC (The Wrong Coast)!??! Maybe I am getting ahead of myself, but here are a few things I have actually come to enjoy.

  • Old Town

This breaks down into a few items: My new coffee shop (not in old town per say, but I still like it). The Riverfront park to read a book and sun bathe. PaperSource (scrapbooking/craft heaven). Yummy Italian Place. And King Street in General.

  • The Dairy Godmother. This is the mother of all custard places. They have rotating flavors and a killer list of changing sorbets as well. It is a great treat and the line that is always going out the door proves its deliciousness.
  • Mount Vernon. Toursity, yes. Beautiful, yes. Need to take advantage of my year pass I bought...yes.
  • Cupcakes.
  • Fireflies.

Alright I think that was enough for one night. Don't want to get too carried away and give this place too much credit! (Don't worry people my Seattle list is still much longer!)

I went to the Methodist church again today (two weeks in a row..woot!) and while I do enjoy going and it feels comfortable, I do think the "church" shopping will continue. I have aspirations to attend the 8:45am service at the Presbyterian church.....but that is real early on a Sunday for me. But from reading about the church it might be a better fit. We will see.

10 Days till SEATTLE!!!! Alli you are almost a mrs.!!!

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